Restaurante Marisqueira O I, Fresh Seafood



In saltwater tanks, lobsters, spider crabs, european lobsters, crabs or velvet crabs are ready to be made and get to your plate with fresh sea flavor. For appetizer, you can choose between the clam, the donax, the razor clams, the murex or the unheard goose barnacles.


  • Fresh Seafood
  • Fresh Fish to grill
  • Rooster Fish Pasta
  • Seafood Bread Soup
  • Shrimp "Pataniscas" with bean rice
  • Razor Clam Rice
  • Conchshells "Feijoada" with Razor Clams
  • Seafood Dish
  • Fried Octopus
  • Black Pork

From 6pm to 7pm
Tap Beer and Tidbits